King of the Jungle

Considering that you are reading these words, it’s safe for me to assume that you are at least a LITTLE bit inclined towards fashion. I’m sure you have a few friends who are too - maybe that’s how you heard about our little space in the universe.

Now for the fun part: how many of your friends are fashionable? How many of them are guys? Eliminate the ones “playing for the other team”.

Got any names left? I have one for you: Leonardo Cruz.


While appearing to most as hip-hop, Leo’s fashion is self-proclaimed streetwear because he refuses to restrict himself. And it’s true – sometimes I see this guy donning the latest preppy trends of boat shoes and folded jeans, once in a while he’s wearing a mildly hipster tribal patterned shirt with a snapback. “I’ll be safe and keep myself within the streetwear umbrella,” he says.

Pinning him down may be a task. Not only does his personal style refute any labels, but his tendency toward the fashionable in general is not something he considers a defining characteristic. There may be only two exceptions to his rule: classic pieces and sneakers. Read on for the interview.


Q: “What do you think got you interested in fashion?”
A: “I consider myself a very visual person, so I am really into aesthetics. Sometimes, in fact, I consider aesthetics and external features even before i get to know a certain thing more, like cars. I wouldn't know what model it is or when it came out, but I can appreciate it's beauty. I wouldn't really call myself interested in fashion, but again i appreciate aesthetics so if it looks good, I'll wear it. Lately though I've been looking for branded finds when I shop. The whole process of appreciating aesthetics is also a big part of how I collect sneakers, but with sneakers I more or less know the history of what I buy.”

Q: “Did anyone or anything else influence your interest in fashion? People like family or friends? Or was it more of celebrities?”
A:I'd say it was more of what I saw on the internet in general. From music artists to websites... If I saw something really cool, I'd try incorporate it to my personal style. I know this is such a Hypebeast-ish answer but it is what it is.”

Q: “So could sneakers have been the gateway to your fashion interest? Are your sneakers usually the anchor of your outfit?”
A: “To be honest, yes. There are times [when] I have to match either my shirt/jacket etc. with my sneakers or my cap with my sneakers. I hardly ever not match when I'm wearing my nice shoes.”

Q: “During the shoot a lot of your pieces were vintage. Were they from your brother or your dad? Or were they vintage finds?”
A:They were vintage finds. I have some pieces from my brother and dad though, but most of what I have were dug up.”

Q: “Hiphop fashion is usually futuristic or ultra urban. Its not known to look back, unlike trends recently. Why the vintage finds?”
A: “Anything vintage, for me, are classics, and classics are timeless. I don't think you could really label thrifted or vintage as a trend, but it has been popular to more people as of late. Also, I don't really consider myself to dress "hip hop", i just take in elements from their fashion.”

Leo runs The Swap Meet, located on both Tumblr and Blogspot. His personal Tumblr, Goutsdeluxe, chronicles his diverse boyish interests. He is also aspiring to be taught how to play poker by Boo Umaly, his pusoy-dos mentor. She wrote and took photos for this feature, which was directed by Daniel Naval.


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