Black is not the absence of color, but the combination of every hue in the spectrum. It exists not to darken, but to highlight all other colors. It is timeless and classic, yet always brings the extra edge in every designer's latest collection.

There comes a time in every clothing-conscious being's life when one realizes that colors can be a distraction from true substance. Self-expression need not to scream -- sometimes a whisper is more memorable than a yell.

For this collection we decided to let the devil live in our details, taking attention away from who we project ourselves to be and setting the spotlight on what we have to offer.

What makes us an individual will never be what we have in common. Each one of us takes pride in that fact, and that is, ironically, why we started this project. 

We would like to introduce Erika, Bella, Dani, Ian and Bea who are here to introduce us -- our personal style and attitude everyday. 

 Erika Reyes for Vern Enciso
Bella Jager for Ana Palomo

Dani Calma for Boo Umaly

Ian Abaya for Daniel Naval

Bea Lozano for Mandi Garcia

Hair: Daniel Naval
Make-up: Vern Enciso
Photography: Banina Wassmer, Boo Umaly
Styling: The New Department

The New Department is Ana Palomo, Mandi Garcia, Daniel Naval, Boo Umaly and Vern Enciso, five friends who love life, fashion and art. This blog is our journal as we chase our dreams, the translation of our ideas into reality.